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Free Japanese Assessment Test

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  1. How do you say “goodbye” in Japanese?
  2. How do you say “thank you”?
  3. What is the word for “Mr.” or Mrs.”?
  4. How do you ask someone how he is doing?
  5. How do you respond when asked how you are doing?
  6. How is Japanese written?
  7. How are plurals typically formed in Japanese?
  8. How do you say, “She is going to the supermarket?”
  9. Translate the sentence アメリカに行きたいです。
  10. Bible test: what is the reference of this verse? 「はじめに言葉があり,言葉は神と共にあり,言葉は神であった。」

Please enter your email address, so we can send you your results.

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