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Free English Assessment Test

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  1. It is Robin’s birthday. He is 10 years old today. Robin is a
  2. The computer belongs to Mary. What should she say?
  3. Makoto wants to improve his English. What should he say?
  4. Rachel sees a dog and a cat. What should she say?
  5. Mary wants to visit Paris. What should she say?
  6. Makoto is thirsty. What should he ask?
  7. Andrew and Sarah took their child to the doctor in Roger’s car. To whom does the car belong?
  8. Chun-soo’s dog is wagging its tail. What should Chun-soo say?
  9. Peter says, “I’m so beat.” Chris says, “So am I.” “I feel exhausted as well,” says Richard. Who is tired?
  10. Jesse sees a hummingbird while playing outside. What does he tell his mother when he gets home?

Please enter your email address, so we can send you your results.

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